The Face of Evil

The Trumpelganger

What is a Trumpelganger?

The name “Trumpelganger” is derived from the German word doppelgänger: an apparition in the form of a living person ( The Trumpelganger bears Donald Trump’s head dated from his late 60s though his early 70s.  The Trumpelganger appears throughout history, long before Donald Trump existed. I still haven’t figured out why it uses Trump’s head c. 2018, but the Trumpelganger has some character attributes similar to Trump and may be connected to Trump in some secret way. Now that I’m aware of its existence and actively looking for it, I am revealing the Trumpleganger at photographic, painted, and drawn scenes of disaster, political injustice, and generally, events steeped in tragedy and evil. It is sickening to see the creature with Donald Trump’s head participating in evildoing–from “making” saints, through torture and murder, to deploying chemical weapons, to depriving people of their civil rights (and more!). At any rate, the Trumpelganger appears to be immortal—participating in a variety of ways in untoward events since the beginning of recorded history. In many cases it wears a smile at sites of human suffering.

How do you find a Trumpelganger?

A Trumpelganger

The Trumpelganger head is concealed in images and must be made visible by my special proprietary editing technique. Sometimes the technique works beautifully to uncover the Trumpelganger head. Other times, when the Trumpelganger head is revealed, it looks like it has been photoshopped on the body it is connected to. However, in either case the Trumpelganger head is THERE. I think the appearance of being photoshopped is some kind of security key built into some images to thwart credibly revealing the Trumpelganger at a given site of pain, violence or thuggery. Don’t let it fool you!

This Website

This website archives the Trumpelgangers that I have revealed. The archive is accessible by clicking the “Sightings” link at the top of this page, or the sidebar links. In each case the Trump head is highlighted by a red circle. Please feel free to copy and distribute the images. The more widely circulated they are, the more we will may be able to get the answers we are looking for. One thing is for sure, the Trumpelganger is malevolent and relishes the pain and suffering of innocent people. In addition, there could be more “gangers” out there (e.g., Kushnerganger) drawing circles of evil at sites of human suffering and exacerbating political conflict, putting personal gain first, and fomenting social unrest.

Until the heads are unmasked, the scope of the Trumpelganger’s wickedness will be concealed. I vow to unmask and document the Trumpelganger’s role in facilitating disaster, violence, injustice, and all forms of human suffering.